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Your princess is in another, lesser used video game trope.

This may be the worst hotel I have stayed at in my travels. In the middle of Torrington, CT, but somehow I've got two electric company trucks just outside my window who are repairing power lines with what sounds like a jackhammer and some very unfortunate cats.

Seriously, the green apple-ification of candy is a scourge that must end.

Yesterday, I was fine. Today, I'm humming the Late Show theme and wondering where the hell the last 30+ years went.

Turns out foot surgery give you some massively horrible gas, too.

Apparently he missed the massive nurse call button on the controller. Might be he forgot about it once he found CMT on the tv.

Guy had foot surgery, and has made his opinion of it very clear to anyone within earshot.

I was going to live tweet the insane ramblings of my hospital roommate, but I think his Percoset just kicked in.

The new Play Music recommendation engine (READ: Songza integration) is absolutely insane. I liked how their system handled recommended playlists before, but this new method of asking what your doing and offering playlists tailored to that activity is fantastic.

Also, I'm still testing that thing I'm testing.

I may be testing something new. Or not. Possibly.

You know what? Forget I said anything.